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PVC windows for wind protection.

Currently window market offers products with broad functionality. Windows can have properties of energy efficiency, impact resistance, sound insulation and others. Resistance to wind loads is the property which all windows have more or less. Improperly designed window under the action of wind may be deformed. Therefore, the reliability of the design must be calculated. 

The expert who carries out the calculations takes into account a variety of factors: on which floor the apartment is, on the windward or leeward side the window will be installed, whether it is fixed or opening one.

Ongoing calculations will help to determine how  your window should resist wund and depending on this materials and the production technology will be selected. The main element providing resistance under the action of wind is a reinforcing profile. Steel is the most reliable reinforcing element. If your home is located in wind zone on the upper floors of a tall building, the savings in reinforcing the profile will reduce the service life of plastic windows. 

Openable windows require special attention to accessories. It should reliably hold the opened sash so that the wind would not damage it. Therefore, to save on fittings is also impractical.

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